b. 1972, Fredericksburg, Texas
Born and raised in Texas, I was introduced to photography early on with Polaroid cameras being passed around the family gatherings. Later on I started an interest in photography while in high school; photojournalism. I continued my education while working at a family owned camera shop in Amarillo, Texas developing film and working with Super 8 and 16mm films as well. In the early 2000's I was interested in digital photography. Bought my first DSLR and started introducing different lenses into my work. It was then that I started to get positive feedback and taking the medium seriously. By then I was gifted with two film cameras that sparked my obsession with film photography again. The beauty of film and print became something I couldn't escape to this day. 
I shoot portraits, landscapes and street photographs. 
Digital : Canon DSLR
Film : Canon AE-1 Program 35mm & Mamiya RZ67 120mm film cameras
I use Kodak and Ilford 35mm and 120mm films and edit on Lightroom CC
Every print is printed on 100% archival paper with archival inks on a Canon Pro-100 printer by the artist
Please email me about any bookings or print inquiries: 
OR go to CONTACT PAGE and fill out the required fields with a detailed message about any photography work or print work and I will get back with you within the day.

Thank You - JW

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